ideas for fun awards in the company

Do you need ideas for fun awards in the company? Recognizing employees' work by the company is a differentiating factor when it comes to retaining and attracting talent. Human resources teams, also known as talent management teams, seek new ways to treat employees with the aim of creating efficient workgroups. Because it's not just about having capable employees, organizations need much more. They need them to be engaged, satisfied, to feel happy in the company so that they give their best at all times.

There are various ways to promote productivity within the organization, but today we will discuss an interesting tool for team building: corporate award ceremonies. And specifically, we provide you with ideas for fun awards in the company. How to organize an original, different ceremony that promotes a relaxed atmosphere and trust among employees. Because satisfying experiences are the ones that stay in memory. And organizing an entertaining event in which to present an award, a unique commemorative plaque with a singular message, as a trophy, will be a win-win strategy.

ideas for fun awards in the company

Highlighting the most characteristic aspect of the employee gives you ideas for fun company trophies

Human groups tend to repeat behavior patterns. Therefore, it may be common to have a somewhat grumpy person in our company, someone who has trouble getting started in the morning because they are very sleepy, or someone who is always hungry and for whom any time is good to go to the vending machine and replenish their energy. Or someone who sends emails non-stop or is constantly playing pranks.

Surely you have identified some of these profiles or have been inspired to find some characteristic behavior in your organization. The idea is to use it so that everyone has fun and spends a relaxed time. Give that person a commemorative plaque as an award with an engraved phrase that explains what makes them different.

Done with tact, of course, without hurting feelings, choosing individuals and their qualities that can make everyone smile, especially the protagonist. If you have doubts about whether someone might be offended, it's better to think of something else. It's best to do it sincerely and affectionately, so that everyone perceives it as an affectionate joke among colleagues to have fun and not hurt feelings. If you're unsure about a particular award, consult your office colleagues.

We give you some ideas for fun employee phrases:

  • For the office grump, what would we be without you.
  • For the best mouse click. Spammer of the year.
  • King of the vending machine.
  • Early bird, the office helps.
  • You would have been a singer if it weren't for your voice.
  • The king of comedy, the master of laughter.

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