At Sustain Awards, we are proud to present our custom eco-design medals. Whether you're looking for sports medals or institutional medallions, in our catalog, you will find the ideal award for your event.

With sober and elegant lines, we offer a minimalist and avant-garde approach to the classic circular award. A revision that maintains the essence of these awards, iconic whether they are sports trophies or institutional trophies.

In addition to a particularly well-curated catalog with great customization potential, we offer a custom medal design service.

All this without neglecting what sets us apart: care and respect for the environment in the design and production of our trophies. By purchasing sports medals at Sustain Awards, you are guaranteed that they are made with the latest generation recycled materials and according to the strictest sustainability standards.

In the description of each of our products, you will find an eco-label that will inform you about everything related to that product: from the kilometers it has traveled in its transport to the percentage of CO2 saved compared to a traditional trophy.

The custom medals in our catalog are available in gold, silver, bronze, and white colors, as well as two reference diameters: 9cm and 6.1cm.

Our eco-design sports medals are the perfect option to recognize athletes' achievements with a touch of ecological consciousness. Made with sustainable and high-quality materials, these medals reflect our commitment to the environment without compromising the aesthetics and symbolic value they represent.

Each medal is unique and meticulously designed to capture the passion and effort of athletes. Whether for a local competition or an international event, our eco-design sports medals are the emblem that will celebrate victories with style and environmental responsibility.

Bring sustainability and ecological awareness with Sustain Awards' custom medals!

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